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Nasneft  is your ultimate global source for reliable supply of bulk Russian origin Petroleum and Refined products:    Diesel Gasoil EN590 10PPM, 50PPM Gas Oil, 500PPM Gas Oil, Automotive Diesel Fuel full European specs, Fuel Oil (Mazut). We are delivering high quality products at competitive prices simply because we are the source.

Nasneft Refinery Group is able to guarantee our buyers availability of the products, quality and on time deliveries, because we are direct, and currently hold straight logistical contracts with "TransNefteProduct" and A1 Rail Transportation. The prices we are able to offer are amongst the best available on the market.  Nasneft Refinery Group holds significant interests in oil and refined production projects. We had secured a long term logistics chain and have storages throughout Russian Federation. Underpinning all we do, and what distinguishes us, is that we attract and retain people of outstanding capabilities. Today, Nasneft is one of the few privately owned companies of its type; and we are still growing. Within a marketplace that is becoming ever more interrelated, we continue strengthening our positions and building our capabilities.

Company Profile



  • Founded: 2006
  • Owners: ООО «Наснефть»           "Nasneft" Int'l Inc, "Nasneft" Sg Pte
  • Certifications: Fully Certified
  • Main Business: Refining and Sales of the Oil Refined Products
  • Main Product: Diesel Gasoil for Export and Local Sales
  • Secondary Product: Fuel Oil and Bunker Fuel
  • Purchasing: Crude Oil BLCO & REBCO
  • Side products: Sulphur, Bitumen, Oils

Refined Product Export

Nasneft provides  physical access to the oil commodities markets.  We produce, we deliver, we store, we blend, and we trade.  Nasneft offers direct from the refineries supplies of oil refined products such as Diesel Gasoil, Diesel, Specs, 10PPM, 50PPM, Gasoil, 500PPM, EN590 full European specs, Fuel Oil (Mazut) Bunker Fuel, to meet an ever growing demand across the globe to the Majors and self finance end buyers. Products are delivered from Nasneft Refinery Group Directly.

Nasneft independent oil refining

NASNEFT refines crude oil and supplies Diesel 10ppm EN590, Fuel Oil, Bunker Fuel, Gasoline and more from our own production and from the refining at Major refineries We have principal commercial hubs in New Jersey USA, St. Petersburg Russia, and a network of regional offices and facilities.  Each element of our activities combines to deliver the value to our vast  national and international clients.

"Nasneft" Oil Refining

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