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Automotive Diesel grades:
Diesel grade - B
Diesel grade - C
Diesel grade - E
Diesel grade - F
Diesel grade - DEKp - 3

Diesel Fuels:
Gas Oil Diesel
Diesel Fuel - Summer Grade
Diesel Fuel - Snow Grade
Diesel Fuel - Arctic with Additives
Diesel Fuel - Improved Environmental Properties

Octane Gasolines
AI - 80EK
AI - 92EK
AI - 95EK
AI - 92EKp
AI - 95EKp

Fuel Oil:
Mazut - Fuel Oil M100
Mazut - Fuel Oil M75
Fuel Oil - 3,5%
Fuel Oil - 1%

Jet fuel s.TS - 1 ( jet fuel, Kerosine)
Black Oil
Technical sulfur (gas, liquid and solid )
Boiler's Heating Oil
Marine Bunker Fuel

Nafta 1 and 2 - gasoline direct distillation:
Nafta 1
Nafta 2

Bitumen for road construction and viscous:
Bitumen - 40/60
Bitumen - 60/90

Butane - butylene fraction

Liquefied Hydrocarbon Fuel Gases
Liquefied Gas - PT
Liquefied Gas - LPG
Liquefied Gas - BT

Nasneft's Oil Refined Products

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Nasneft provides physical access to the oil commodities markets.  We produce, we deliver, we store, we blend, and we trade.  From our main business hubs in New Jersey and St. Perersburg we implement transactions that maintain the supply and demand equilibrium.  Our producing and trading teams comprise some of the most talented and highly knowlagable individuals in the field. Their depth and breadth of experience has been gained through many years of working at the highest levels in the industry.

NASNEFT through its companies is involved in a crude oil and refined products receiving terminals in the different regions throughout Russian Federation such as in Tosno, Sias and Republic Tatarstan among others.  The terminals are integrated with the Transneft diesel pipeline and Druzhba oil pipeline (Transneft) with an annual capacity of over 13 million tons.
All terminals are connected to the arterial railway, with an annual capacity of 10 million tons.  Two Terminals utilize ports dock on the Volga river with an annual loading capacity of 4 million tons (a 4,500 DWT tankers for the Black Sea and a 7,000 DWT tanker for the Caspian Sea), available from April to November.

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